When Should I Use PrintMe?

Using PrintMe is a great option if you've got a standard document to print, such as an assignment or essay. By using PrintMe, you're avoiding waiting in-store for a computer or other customer's print jobs to be completed.

However, if you need your document within minutes, printing in-store will often be faster as on-the-spot print jobs take precedence over online submissions.

Who Can Use PrintMe?


With PrintMe, all you need is an email and a secure internet connection. You can use PrintMe as a Queen's student or community member.

Right now, we're only accepting 50 sheets or less (ie. 50 single sided pages or 100 double sided pages) while we're test-driving the program. If your document is larger than this, or you need a specialty job done, please come to the store to submit your project!

Where Can I Learn About Your Services and Products?

Before submitting your document, please review our Products and Services Guide. This will make sure you're familiar with our pricing and what we offer, so that what you receive upon pick-up is never a surprise!

If you want your document bound, please review our Binding Guide so that you can make sure your submissions form is complete.

What If I Want Special Formatting?

In the case that your document requires special formatting, you can outline this request in the submissions form. Please note, however, that we can only accommodate the following formatting options with PrintMe:

  • Single or Double Sided
  • Stapled
  • Hole-Punched
  • Page Orientation (landscape or portfolio)
  • Multi-Page Options (print two or more pages to a sheet)
  • Binding Options

If you need something more complex than this, we ask that you come in to the P&CC and work with our staff to complete this job.

Can I Submit Specialty Print Jobs Online?

Unfortunately this project is in its test-phase, and we haven't expanded it to specialty or complex print jobs yet.

We accept 50 sheet or less documents in colour or black-and-white with some finishing services, such as stapling and hole-punching.

How Long Does It Take To Get My PrintMe Job Back?

Once you've submitted your PrintMe job via the 4 steps outlined in our Online Submissions page, you can pick your document up the next business day.

Please note, documents submitted within an hour of our closure time, or after our regular business hours, can be collected the end-of-day, next day.

If you ask for your document to be bound, it can be collected 24 hours after the form was submitted.

How Can I Pay For My Document?

We're working on an online-payment system, but for now, we ask that you pay in-store upon pick-up.

Once you've submitted your document and form, you can collect your document the next day by providing your name and ID number. At this time, we'll ask you to pay via cash, debit, credit, or account.

What Happens If I Submit the Wrong Document?

If you submit a document that you didn't mean to have printed, please contact us as soon as possible.

In the case that your document has already been printed, we will ask that you pay for you document upon pick-up and print the correct document for you in-store.

As per our misprint policy, any misprint that occurred by fault of the P&CC (operator or machine error) will be reprinted, and you will only pay for the correct document.

What If I Submit A Document and Do Not Pick It Up?

If you submit a document to the P&CC via PrintMe, complete and submit our submissions form, and do not contact us within 30 minutes to cancel your document, and then fail to pick up your document, you have voided the P&CC terms and conditions.

As such, your email will be unable to use PrintMe in the future. The amount owing will also remain on any P&CC account, and can be charged upon future use of the P&CC's services.

We're a Not-For-Profit, and can't afford to cover all mistakes. You wouldn't steal a coffee from Common Ground, so please don't steal prints from the P&CC!