At the P&CC, we value sustainability and accessibility; we recognize our position as a printing shop in contributing to paper and toner waste, which is why we offer EcoBooks, Cartridge Recycling in partnership with the Earth Centre, and always seek new machines and methods to decrease our carbon footprint. You can help us! Bring your used toner cartridges to the P&CC to be recycled properly, purchase an EcoBook the next time you need some scrap paper, and follow the guidelines for printing in-house to avoid misprints. 

Want to learn more? Check out our Instagram and Facebook for ideas to make your life more sustainable through our store. As a new way to encourage sustainable choices, within our business, we have a sustainability loyalty card! Any time you make a sustainable choice at our shop, whether that means returning ink cartridges or buying an EcoBook for your notes, we want to encourage these choices through our loyalty cards. Once you’ve filled your card from your sustainable choices, you’ll earn a free EcoBook!

What is an EcoBook?
EcoBooks are affordable notebooks created by reused materials. Misprints are bound to happen at a printing store but that does not mean we can't find another use for them! Every single-sided misprint goes through a screening process to ensure no personal information is disclosed, then using a coil bind — and a cover of your choice — pages are bound with the blank side facing up to create a sustainable notepad.
What can I use an EcoBook for?
Anything you would normally use a notebook for! Here are some ideas; Grocery lists, To-do lists, Reminders, Class notes, Sketch book, Scrap paper, Journaling. The possibilities are endless. Hosting a conference? EcoBooks are a great affordable gift to your attendees. Customize the cover and create inserts of the conference — for example a schedule and thanks to your sponsors — check out the PRODUCT AND SERVICE GUIDES under “Binding” for bulk EcoBook deals.
Can I choose my own cover?
Yes! You can bring in an image you want to use as the TrashBook cover or you can select one of the 10 covers chosen by our marketing manager.
What is a toner cartridge?
A toner cartridge is the container that printers pull toner or ink from to produce your document these cartridge contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and heavy metals that if not recycled properly will pollute the soil and water if they reach landfills. That is why the P&CC is accepting all through our cartridges recycling in partnership with the Earth Centre.
Can I bring a cartridge from my home printer to be recycled?
YES! If you use our service or not – you are more than welcome to recycle your cartridge through us.
How can I make more sustainable choices?
We have been researching some tips on how to make printing practices more sustainable for our patrons: 1. Consider printing double-sided.  2. Consider maximizing margins so that the paper usage is maximized.  3. Recycle any misprints or find a way to reuse them.  4. Recycle ink cartridges rather than throwing them away.  5. Check the last pages of your documents to make sure that it isn't just a few lines printing on a full sheet of paper.  6. Consider using thinner fonts that use less ink such as Calibri and Cambria

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