I can't find an option for an item I'm looking for

Can't find a specific product you are interested in? Come chat in store with us and we can see what we can do!   

Can I order by phone/email?

You can let us know the details over the phone or email of an order, however we will not start producing an order until it has been paid for either in store or online.  

I have questions about the product or want to change (color, size, price ...) what to do?

Give us a call! A manager on duty will help walk you through the order and can note down any changes.

My order is taking longer than expected, what should I do?

Turnaround times for orders can take longer than normal during high volume periods. Don't hesitate to give us a call or email to inquire on the status of the order, however we recommend if you are placing an order with short notice to buy rush fees!

Are there discounts for large orders?

Most products at P&CC are bulked priced, meaning the higher quantity of an item you purchase, the less it will cost per item. Additionally, we can offer a 10% discount to products with our logo at the discretion of the head manager pcc@ams.queensu.ca

I want to cancel my order

If you are looking to cancel an order, please call the store ASAP! Once an order has begun production, we are no longer able to offer a refund on produced items.