Whether you’re in need of materials for a conference, decor for your dorm room, or want to impress at a presentation, the P&CC can help with that. We offer any paper related service or product, and can outsource to our Kingston partners to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need.

Check out our Products and Services Guide for a complete list of services, prices and turnaround times. If you’re looking for bulk printing, we also offer discounts and price-breaks to keep you on budget — check out our Conference and Marketing Guide for bulk orders.



Bring in your document(s) on a USB or via email/web browser, and work with one of our staff to process your order to your exact specifications. Our staff will go through each step of your order, and if applicable, print you a sample so that you know what you can expect upon pick-up.

Once your order is processed and your form complete, you can bring this form to our cash desk and pay for your order (for bulk orders, we may ask that you pay a deposit if appropriate.) We’ll hold on to the order form, and you can come back at the agreed upon time and day to collect your order — no hassle, no fuss, we just need a name!

We have managers sign-off on production jobs of any size to ensure quality; we will always correct our mistake at no charge. If you realize you’ve made an error with your document on pick-up, we can work with you to correct the issue while trying to keep you on budget – just talk to a manager.