At the P&CC, we understand needing a print job in a rush. That’s why we offer on-the-spot printing for all standard jobs, such as essays or assignments. Standard jobs qualify any colour or black-tone printing on stationary at letter (8.5 by 11 inches), legal (8.5 by 14 inches), and tabloid (11 by 17 inches) sizing. Depending on the size and specific needs of your job, you have several options for printing.

First, we’ll need access to your document. You can bring your document in on a USB or pull it up on one of our walk-up computers via your email, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. We always recommend printing from a .PDF, but you can send any type of document to our printers as long as it is supported by standard Microsoft or Windows applications.



If you’re really in a hurry and only need a few pages in black and white, you have the option of printing on Tiny Dancer, our self-serve black and white copier (20 pages or less).

Because Tiny Dancer is self-serve, as soon as you hit “print” on the computer it will automatically queue up and print on the copier. This means that our staff won’t be able to check your settings for you before printing, and so it’s important you check the print preview on your screen for formatting, single or double sided, page size, and more.

Once your document has printed, you can collect it from the machine (located right beside our walk-up computers!), pay for your document(s), and be on your way!



Any larger jobs (above 20 pages) or any colour printing must go through our heavy-duty copiers, Charlotte, Polarbird, and VarioPrint, operated by staff. We have a useful list of where to send your document in-store by the walkup computers so that you always get the best quality and type of printing for your needs. We also have a sample book of our paper types in store so that you know you’re putting your best foot forward with the right stationary.

After sending your document from our computers to these machines, we ask that you complete a Print Ticket before heading over to pick-up your documents. The Print Ticket allows us to keep track of your exact specifications, including which computer the document was sent from, whether you want it to be single-sided or double-sided, colour or black and white, stapled or hole-punched, the paper type, and more! All of these settings can be changed on the printers as long as the original document was formatted correctly.

Once you’ve handed your Print Ticket off to our staff, they’ll print your document off for you, list how many sheets you’ve printed on the reverse of your Print Ticket, and you can be on your way to pay!

You always have the option of printing less than 20 pages to these machines – you never have to use our self-serve printer if you want us to make sure your settings are correct!


We have posters located around walk-ups to help you with your settings on Tiny Dancer, and we always have staff available to help you. As such, any pages printed to Tiny Dancer must be paid for by the customer; we pay for all prints that go through our machines, and so can’t cover misprints on this machine when they could have been avoided. You wouldn’t steal a coffee from Common Ground, so please don’t steal prints!
Any misprints that are a result of customer-error on our major copiers must be paid for by the customer (such as formatting, content-errors, or sending black and white to our colour printer). Otherwise, you will never have to pay for a misprint on our machines if it is due to operator-error, or machine-error. Any questions can be directed to a manager in store.