The P&CC is hiring!

Applications are now open for management, shift supervisor, and service staff positions. For deadlines and full position descriptions please visit!

Staff at the Printing & Copy Centre have the opportunity to work in a variety of three stations in the store while on shift. These stations are point of sale, walk-up, and back shop. Each staff is trained on all three stations and has the opportunity throughout the year to experience shifts on all stations. The P&CC is unique in both the services that it offers to customers and the experience that it offers to staff. Below is a brief description of the different experiences that staff can gain in the various work-stations at the P&CC:

Back Shop
Staff working back shop get to experience the creative hub of the P&CC, where customers’ projects come to life. While working back shop, staff are able to practice their skills on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to aid customers in getting their projects ready to print. Staff are also able to experience the projects that customers bring in while taking orders and advising patrons on how to best bring their projects to life. In conjunction with working with creative software, staff also get the opportunity to work in production while on back shop shifts. Production allows staff to use the industrial printers located in walk up and the specialty machines, such as the P&CC’s industrial paper punches, business card cutters, lamination machine, poster printers, and bulk laser cutters; allowing staff hands on experience to complement training on the Adobe suite software.

If you’ve ever visited the P&CC, you’ve likely had your first interaction in the store be with the staff working walk-up! When working Walk-up staff are able to interact closely with customers to solve problems with document printing and act as the staff that guide customers through the store for their various needs. While working walk up, staff have the opportunity to utilize all of the functions of the P&CC’s industrial printers. The opportunity to gain experience in printing, copying, scanning, faxing, and changing paper types in industrial printers gives staff a variety of skills useful for individuals who hope to one day work in an office or administrative environment.

Point of Sale
POS allows staff to gain experience with handling money and making change. Skills gained on POS are highly transferable to future positions, should staff apply to other retail locations after their time at the P&CC.