The P&CC is proud to accept production orders through email submission.

The P&CC is dedicated to giving each and every customer exceptional service – even those who can’t make into the store.

What Is It?

At the P&CC we recognize that many of our customers have busy schedules and can’t always make it into the store to submit their documents for printing. To improve ease of access to our service, the P&CC will now be accepting both document printing and production orders online.

How Does It Work?

To submit a document or a production order online you must send an email to Emails inquiring about placing an order through the P&CC email should include the following pieces of information:

  1. The attached file(s) that you hope to have printed for your order in a .pdf format.
  2. The purpose for your order. This allows staff replying to your email to be able to make meaningful recommendations for the specifications of the order.
  3. The details of the order:
    1. Single-sided vs. double-sided printing
    2. colour vs. black and white printing
    3. number of copies required
    4. dimensions of the final product.
    5. preferred stationary
    6. Any other concerns or preferences for the job
  4. The desired pick-up date of the order.

Upon receiving your email a staff will reply requesting clarification on the details of the order, or with a quote for the cost of the order. Payment and pick-up details must be clarified before the production order begins.

What Do I Need To Know?

The P&CC will always do the best it can to ensure that the product you receive exceeds expectations. However, when a customer submits a document or production job via they are acknowledging that they are unable to see a sample of the product before the job is completed. This means that all documents submitted should be submitted as ready to print documents, and should be the exact dimensions and quality that the customer hopes to receive in the finished product. Samples can be prepared upon request, and should a sample be requested the production order will not be started until the customer has come into the store and confirmed the completed sample. Before sending in a file it may be helpful to check out our products and services guide and product gallery to get a good idea of everything the P&CC can do to help make your project a success!

If you have any further questions, we are happy to answer them if you contact or .